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Unify CRM best practices with customer experience

Customer experience has never been more important to business success and now there’s is an exciting new way to make CRM the engine that drives a better, more seamless customer experience. Customers today say that 70% of their buying decisions are based on how they feel they are being treated. 86% of customers say they are willing to pay more for a better experience and 65% of customers say they leave brands that fail to meet their expectations for customer service. What are businesses doing in response? Remarkably, 80% of CEOs believe they deliver a superior customer experience, but only 8% of their customers agree (see Brain and Company Customer-Lead Growth Reports). The JourneyCX Customer Journey solution enables organizations to close this gap by capturing each individual customer journey and operationalizing every step of the journey, tightly integrating it with the deployment of JourneyCX. This coupling of the customer’s perspective with internal company operations enables organizations to create extraordinary relationships — delivering more seamless, satisfying customer experiences and increasing business efficiency across the entire lifetime of their relationship with each customer.

The most effective means for companies of any size to achieve digital growth and customer satisfaction is in connecting their business systems and facilitating automation and data integrity. Software integrations are traditionally created using custom code that is difficult to maintain, enterprise services bus that is unaffordable for most small and medium-sized businesses.

"A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all."

Michael LeBoeuf

In contrast, our platform is a no-code solution that allows you to create, maintain, and monitor your integrations from one dashboard, and it makes it easy for our customers to connect third-party software and relations. It is scalable and able to support the demands of large enterprises and millions of transactions. But the most important benefit is that is affordable to both small and large enterprises. Here are just some of the use cases that we support to simplify integrations and accelerate digital growth:

Orchestrate Customer Experiences

JourneyCX enable companies to define and manage customer journeys that are specific to their business. These journeys can span the entirety of the customer lifecycle or focus on a particular segment of the relationship. Journeys can describe short-lived engagements or they may represent longer duration or even cyclical lifecycles. Our solution includes industry-specific customer journey templates that companies can use to quickly define the journeys that are most applicable to their business. After many years of industry experience and senior consultants, JourneyCX also offers consultation services to optimize your customer experience and measure the outcome.

System Elements


JourneyCX offer a powerful reporting engine that allows our customers to design reports based on their specific requirements. The system is also shipped with a combination of pre-defined reports.

  • User defined dashboard enabling to monitor events in real-time.
  • Marketing campaigns reporting.
  • Sales reports and analytics.
  • Customer incident and SLA reporting.
  • Customer segmentation performance.

Marketing Overview

  • Opportunities: this module allows you to track your Opportunities throughout the Sales Pipeline until the deal is ‘Closed Lost' or ‘Closed Won’.
  • Campaign management: Help track, evaluate and manage campaigns including sending emails, SMS messages, etc. as part of a campaign.
  • Surveys facilitate customer surveys to measure customer satisfaction.
  • Prospect management: import and manage prospect distribution lists
  • Lead management: view and manage leads generated by each salesperson. Assign leads to sales.
  • Contact management: once a lead is qualified and converted it will be registered as a contact.
  • Opportunity management. An opportunity can be associated with each contact and managed throughout the sales process.
  • Customer engagement: schedule and record meetings with your customers and leads and automatically diarise events.
  • Desktop notifications and reminders: Receive desktop notifications, such as upcoming meetings and newly assigned leads

How our solution help when integrating two or more systems:

  • Visible tools to create, manage and fix integrations yourself
  • Automatic logging and monitoring features
  • Performance, scalability and compliancy
  • An existing eco-system with pre-built elements to build faster connections and safe development cost