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Job Title: 
Project Manager

Project Delivery

Temporary or permanent role: 

Reports to:
 HOD Projects

Role Summary

The Telesense Delivery function has a business objective to deliver projects to address Customer requirements in a timely and cost-efficient manner. In order to achieve this objective, the Projects
Department are charged with delivering the product and services to the Customer within pre-defined budgets and timescales according to the contract. The Projects Department is part of the
Project Delivery department.

The Project Manager is responsible to the Head of Projects for all aspects relating to the delivery of assigned Customer projects and for ensuring that the objectives of the company, as defined
above, are achieved. It is the responsibility of the Project Manager to oversee, monitor and report on all activities undertaken within his/her function as defined by the Head of Projects.

The Project Manager is responsible for project planning, management and communication and as such will manage those functions in accordance with the company’s stated objectives, including
the monitoring and reporting of performance against defined objectives and time-scales, and appropriate staff management as required during the project lifecycle. 

The position of Project Manager is a senior management position within the Company reporting to the Head of Projects, therefore, it is expected that the post holder will provide significant
contribution to the Customer interface as a whole and be pro-active in managing and improving the delivery mechanism.

It is a requirement that the post holder will report to the management board as and when requested by the Head of Projects and provide company and client presentations on the Project
Management function and the delivery strategy of the company. As such, the post holder will be expected to have excellent communication and presentation skills.

It is expected that the post holder will have a proven ability to deliver complex projects within a Customer facing environment and that these have been implemented in accordance with associated
standards. Innovation and the ability to pro-actively contribute to the success of the Company’s procedures and to the business are vital ingredients for the successful candidate.

The applicant is required to demonstrate a proven track record in the above.

Extensive travel will be required. French and Spanish speaking will be an advantage.

Summary of Key tasks and activities

  • Project Planning - Responsible for the development of plans to deliver contracted Customer requirements to cost and time scales using available resources.
  • Project hand-over from Sales department - Identify and understand all project requirements at a contract level. Manage the communication of requirements to all responsible department
  • Project initiation with the Customer - Presentation of initial project plan and overall project methodology. Agreement of the delivery framework and mechanism within contracted
      requirements. Initial business analysis.
  • Project reporting - Regular Customer meetings supplemented by detailed reports of both project expenditure made and forecast along with forecast delivery dates and risk identification.
  • Management of Deliverables - High-level requirement identification, negotiate development delivery schedules and track forecast delivery dates. Track each delivery with the appropriate
      dept. Monitor 3rd party delivery.
  • Internal Communication - Responsible for coordinating the provision of all required information between departments. Communication of initial and updated project requirements and
      reports as required.
  • Project delivery and acceptance - Fully responsible for the delivery of the project within Customer expectations. Negotiation to ensure acquirement of acceptance certification for each
      delivery phase.
  • Account management - Understand the Customers’ technical and product strategy and any performance issues on an on-going basis. Make on-going sales of bespoke products, upgrades,
      consultancy and training.
  • Third party hardware and software purchase - Planning of project purchases with consideration for cash flow, site/QA/development requirements. Justification and purchase of components
      required to complete project and support obligations.
  • Project Methodology – Responsible for the delivery of the project as per the Project Delivery Project Methodology. For insuring that the project follows the change control procedure and that
      the project can be successfully audited.


Key Skills/Competencies

1. Minimum Qualifications and Experience:

A Project Manager will be expected to have and be able to demonstrate suitable experience in the delivery of complex projects, covering the full project life cycle. The project manager will be
responsible for managing multiple projects and project teams and will need to demonstrate their capability for managing internal project teams, whilst interacting with various internal
departments which may have an involvement within in the project and also deal with third party suppliers, consultants and the customer, along with their representatives.

It is expected that the Project Manager will have the PRINCE2 accreditation or equivalent or will work to achieve the accreditation in due course.

2. Key Competencies

a) Planning and Organisation – the Project Manger will be required to have very good planning and organisation skills. They will be required to fully understand the Customers Requirements
and to be able to fore fill all the planning requirements in order to deliver a successful project, within time and budget constraints. The project manager will be required to demonstrate
exceptional organisational skills, liaising with 3rd party suppliers, internal departments and with the customer. It is highly likely that the Project Manager will be called upon to run multiple projects,
therefore their planning and organisation capabilities will be called upon, to ensure that all projects can be successfully managed throughout the project life cycle.

b) Communication Skills – the Project Manager will be required to have extremely good communication skills, for both verbal and written communication. They will be called upon to present to
the customer at various levels throughout the project, which will involve holding meetings, teleconferences, workshops and giving presentations. They will be required to take control of all these
activities and ensure that the desired objective is achieved and to provide agendas, minutes and reports to support these activities. The Project Manager will also be required to report to the Head
of Projects and present to boards on the progress of the project at any given time. The Project Manager should be capable of understanding all aspects of the project and be able to discuss the
various tasks and activities both internally and externally with the customer and third-party suppliers.

c) Commercial Awareness – The Project Manager will be responsible for all financial aspects for the project, from the initial project tender where there will be required to furnish the Bid Manager
with project service days and costs, whilst meeting the required margin. The project manager will then be responsible for ensuring that the project is delivered within budget and that the required
project margin is obtained. They will be required to report on the project financial status and to liaise with the finance department, the Business Development Manager and the customer on all
aspects of the project financials. The Project manager will be responsible for all the ordering of third part software and any external services required to support the delivery of the project.
In addition, the project manager needs to ensure that the change control procedure us followed and that any additional requirements outside the scope of the project are properly dealt with. The
Project Manger should be able to identify new opportunities within the project and take the appropriate action to ensure that these opportunities are maximised for the benefit of the company,
whilst ensuring that the customer’s needs are maintained.

Reporting – The Project Manager will be responsible for all aspects of reporting on the project and will report directly to the Head of Projects. The project manager will be required to produce
formal on time weekly progress reports to both the customer and the Head of Projects and in addition will be required to produce highlight reports raising any issues that occur through out the
project. The project manager will be responsible for providing a monthly project financial report to the Finance Department, which will detail the entire project rechargeable that have occurred in
that period.

e) Risk and Issue Management – The Project Manager will be responsible for the management of all risks and issues that occur within the project. They will be required to produce an action
plan to resolve any risks and issues, and to ensure that they are brought to successful closure. The project manager will be ultimately responsible for ensuring that all risks and issues within the
project are properly dealt with and brought to a satisfactory conclusion.


3. Technical Knowledge and expertise 

  • Demonstration of ability to be able to deliver complex projects on time and within budget.
  • Demonstration and understanding of a project management methodology and a structured approach to delivering projects.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and project teams.
  • Experience and understanding of Telecommunication networks and Billing Systems.

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