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Job Title: Implementation Consultant

Implementation Services

Temporary or permanent role:

Reports to:
Implementation Team Manager or Implementation Team Leader (when on customer-site during a project)

Number of staff supervised:

May be required to perform the role of Team Leader on a project

Role Summary


This position will entail the installation and configuration of Oracle BRM and NCC, including Third Party Products.

The Implementation Consultant will have a broad range of technical and personnel skills (see below). Technical Skills:  Unix, Oracle DB, Oracle BRM and NCC, Telecommunication industry and
project Implementation. Oracle BRM and NCC training will be provided but experience in these solutions would be a major advantage.

In addition to the broad technical skills, the Implementation Consultant will have in depth knowledge of two or more of the core areas above to be considered for the position. With the
responsibility of applying this knowledge from within a team or being an external resource, including transferring these skills to other members of the implementation group by means of formal
and informal training.

There will also be internal training by means of workshops, transfer of knowledge, to increase the knowledge where the Implementation Consultant is less proficient.  This will progress the
Implementation Consultant to a good overall understanding of the product and telecommunications industry. 

It is essential for the Implementation Consultant to work as part of a team, abroad, on customer site, for extended periods or as an external resource. 

Travel will be an integral part of the position.


Summary of Key tasks and activities


  • If a customer is migrating from an existing billing system to Oracle then a data conversion and data analysis will be required. This will include the production of conversion scripts including
  • documentation for BRM/NCC and Third Party Products.
  • Set up the system data as specified from the Business Analysis, Gap Analysis or standard set up for BRM/NCC and Third-Party products.
  • Development or maintenance of the standard installation scripts.
  • Test the installed software and system set-up to ensure it complies with the requirements according to the Business Analysis and GAP Analysis.
  • Do the user acceptance testing leading to customer sign off and provide operational assurance.
  • Solve installation problems as per Customers requirements.
  • Training members of the Implementation group or Clients in their specialist areas by means of Workshops, Transfer of Knowledge, Informal or Formal Training.

Will be required to provide assistance to the Telesense Customer Support Desk Department from time to time.



Key Skills/Competencies


1. Minimum Qualifications and Experience:


  • Telecommunications - An exposure to the telecommunications industry from an IT and engineering stand point.
  • Exposure to any large-scale accounting / ERP package would be an advantage.
  • Billing Systems - Mobile / Fixed line telephony billing again exposure to any utility type billing could be acceptable.
  • Customer Care - Mobile customer care systems for connections etc.
  • Call Rating and Tariffing.
  • Mobile Networks - Any exposure to mobile switches, network mediation etc.
  • Implementation - Involvement in large system installations.
  • Customer Support.
  • Data Conversion & Upgrade.
  • Testing - Full end to end testing of an installed system for hand over.

2. Specify three/four key competencies from the following and describe why each is essential for the role

  • Flexibility  - Have the ability to move from task to task quickly and adapt.
  • Team Work  - Be able to work in a close-knit team in addition to being an independent resource.
  • Customer Skills  - Must be professional when dealing with Customers.
  • Motivated


3. Specify Technical Knowledge and expertise

  • UNIX - Excellent understanding of UNIX with a proven track record
  • Oracle Database / SQL and Database administration.
  • Shell Scripting
  • TCP/IP - General knowledge of connectivity between PC’s and UNIX
  • Microsoft Office Products.

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